About us

About Aro Software - And our real estate software

We didn't set out to be a software company

In fact, we didn't set out to be a company at all.

Our director, James, was a real estate principal

Had been for more than 20 years. He juggled 100+ staff, and worked 7 days a week to keep the listings and buyers coming through the door.

You know how it goes...

He was working so hard he nearly forgot there was another life outside of Real Estate !!

Task management, paperwork,contracts, website updates, window cards, price changes, buyer notifications, sales letter writing,open homes, advertising... The list of tedious manual jobs goes on and on.

In the end, James decided there had to be a better way and decided to do something about it.

He looked for some good real estate software to make things more efficient

Surely all this time-consuming manual labour could be streamlined - maybe even eliminated - by some intelligent software? Surely there's an easy-to-use real estate program out there to do it! Something that doesn't require you to be a computer genius to use! (You've asked this question yourself, haven't you. No doubt hundreds of times!)

But everything was way too hard to use

When he looked around, and called the few existing providers, James quickly discovered that the handful of 'solutions' out there already were way too hard to use.Even after training and set up he still just couldn't figure out how to use them properly - it was never as simple as promised !!

James was - and still is - virtually computer illiterate. He knew the only people who'd end up using these programs were the admin staff. And what happens when they're off sick, or they resign?

So he developed real estate software of his own

Not by himself, of course. James is about as technical as a cardboard box! What he actually did was employ two brilliant programmers and chained them to their desks, surrounded by the team, in the actual real estate office.

Software that solved the offices REAL day-to-day problems

Together, James and his programmers designed, developed and refined a real estate software program around the actual needs of the office to not only automate the day to day tasks a junior could do but also functions that help generate more listings and create greater interest from buyers making more money for his business and sales team.

In other words, they developed a software program specifically to solve James' own day-to-day work problems. And they kept at it until the entire team found it easy to use and helpful. Until it made their day easier and more productive.

Then he dropped to 5 days a week!

Off on weekends with his family actually being part of his kids growing up and being home in time for dinner for a change.

But his colleagues wanted the secret sauce too

Of course, then his friends and colleagues in other real estate agencies - even competitors - noticed something was up. Word got out he had a 'secret weapon', and they all wanted in.

So THEN he started a software company

When he figured out how keen people were to get their hands on the program - especially once they'd seen it in action - THAT was when James decided to start a software company.

He had the ideal program already fully developed. So he wasn't putting the cart before the horse, as most software companies do. He wasn't trying to develop a program that sold well, but didn't work that great. He wasn't madly tacking on features at the last minute. He wasn't under-testing everything. He wasn't rushing the launch to meet the sales team's over-ambitious promises. (That's how most software companies work.)

The program was there. Already proven. Already marketable.

So he went to market.

And the rest is history.

That's us Tell us about you, Call us for a chat

Call 1300 134 858 to discuss our real estate software. You'll get to speak with someone who actually understands your real estate business needs, not a programmer or salesperson who merely understands software.

What our customers say

We are very happy with how it is looking, and how flexible you have been with what we have needed.

 Sandy Gilbert,  Adam Gilbert Real Estate

I cant praise Aro enough! You have all been so helpful over the past five + years

 Gary Coterill,  Bermagui Real Estate

Don't waste your time with others Just Call AROSOFTWARE You Won't look back.......

 Rory Christdodoulou,  Doncaster Hill EA

The website looks awesome and your customer service has been phenominal.

 Danielle Coady,  Element Property Services

I love my new website, Aro has done simply beautiful work.

 Nicole,  Frenken Homes

Finally, a program designed specifically to suit every real estate agents needs.

 Gerry Siegle,  Galaxy Real Estate

I really do appreciate all of you at Aro, you listen and assist, and offer very professional and positive assistance and advice, for this I wish to express my gratitude. You all make it so easy.

 Janis Caulfield Carlsen,  Grange Real Estate

Arosoftware provides a superb service: technical advice; help & support; and above all, encouragement & confidence. Real people helping real people!

 Fred Ogden,  Heart Realty

The team at Arosoftware we offer a big thank you to you.

 Ron Hathaway,  House By Mouse

Aro has done several projects with fantastic outcome for us

 Alin Florea,  House of IT

Easy package to use for admin, saves lots of time keeping listings up to date, also less mistakes as one site adjusts all sites at the same time.

 Barbara Kinder,  I & B Real Estate

I cannot thank you enough for all of you help and assistance...

 Kelly Muscat,  Kelly Jaye Property Management

You really understand real estate and more importantly customer service and reliability. This has been the best experience we have had, ever !!!!

 Jonathan Marlow,  Marlows Real Estate

Excellent value for money, easy to self manage and support when required has been exceptional.

 Max Justice,  Max Justice Real Estate

Highly recommended, 1st class service, professional result

 Heath Jones,  Nelson Bay Real Estate

Great service, easy to get your own website design!

 Bridget Kraft,  New Homes Only

I Was Skeptical, Because We'd Tried Just About Everything

 Richard Locke,  Noosa Realty Service

Good value for money. Good service levels. Genuinely persists until service issues are fixed & good at working out what you are trying to achieve

 Roger Whalan,  Northerly Estate

How do i begin to thank you and your team for the website you created for me in three days, a feat which i though was impossible, when we found ourselves in trouble and required an immediate sollution, yet you took it on and fulfilled all your promises.

 Ian Thomason,  Thomason Property

Thank you Aro Software for making the interface and use of the system simple, quick and easy to use.

 Yorgo Kaporis,  Vesta Property Group