Real estate software
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How long does it take you now to do a window card? To create a contract? What about chasing sales staff on their actionable items? Uploading new property listings to, and all the free real estate directories? Putting together outstanding sellers advertising accounts? Creating the sales consultant commission/expenses sheet? Resizing high resolution pictures? Organising management reports? Sending out letters?...

A day? Two days?

With our web-based real estate software solution, it takes minutes - if not seconds - to perform these tasks, not days.

Real estate software

Developed by real estate agents for real estate agents, in an actual real estate office

Most software programs are created by 'technology geeks' who don't understand our industry.

Our software system was developed by real estate agents for real estate agents. What's more it was developed within the day-to-day flow of an actual agency. So when something didn't work, was too hard to operate, caused the team to complain, or simply didn't get used, the programmer heard it firsthand and changed it.

The end result? A practical system that's easy to use and actually makes your office more productive. It simplifies every aspect of your business, reduces payroll costs and allows you to manage your business from anywhere... Starting almost immediately!

  • Administration staff become more effective and efficient because many of their day to day operations are instantly taken away from them.
  • Sales consultants can provide accurate information to clients confidently and quickly, so they have more time to do what they do best - listing and selling properties.
  • And you and your managers no longer need to be in the office every minute of the day to oversee outcomes and staff contributions.


  • The team at Arosoftware we offer a big thank you to you.

    Ron Hathaway, House By Mouse

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  • How do i begin to thank you and your team for the website you created for me in three days, a feat which i though was impossible, when we found ourselves in trouble and required an immediate sollution, yet you took it on and fulfilled all your promises.

    Ian Thomason, Thomason Property

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  • I cannot thank you enough for all of you help and assistance...

    Kelly Muscat, Kelly Jaye Property Management

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  • I love my new website, Aro has done simply beautiful work.

    Nicole, Frenken Homes

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  • I tried six different packages before choosing ARO Software

    John Dillon, Central Realty

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  • Great service, easy to get your own website design!

    Bridget Kraft, New Homes Only

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  • Highly recommended, 1st class service, professional result

    Heath Jones, Nelson Bay Real Estate

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  • Arosoftware was recommended to me by a colleague who already runs this system. My initial dealings with the company were excellent and I decided to proceed.

    Deborah Duffy, Deborah Duffy Real Estate

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  • Finally, a program designed specifically to suit every real estate agents needs.

    Gerry Siegle, Galaxy Real Estate

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  • I really do appreciate all of you at Aro, you listen and assist, and offer very professional and positive assistance and advice, for this I wish to express my gratitude. You all make it so easy.

    Janis Caulfield Carlsen, Grange Real Estate

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  • Good value for money. Good service levels. Genuinely persists until service issues are fixed & good at working out what you are trying to achieve

    Roger Whalan, Northerly Estate

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  • The website looks awesome and your customer service has been phenominal.

    Danielle Coady, Element Property Services

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  • I cant praise Aro enough! You have all been so helpful over the past five + years

    Gary Coterill, Bermagui Real Estate

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  • We are very happy with how it is looking, and how flexible you have been with what we have needed.

    Sandy Gilbert, Adam Gilbert Real Estate

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  • You really understand real estate and more importantly customer service and reliability. This has been the best experience we have had, ever !!!!

    Jonathan Marlow, Marlows Real Estate

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  • Thank you Aro Software for making the interface and use of the system simple, quick and easy to use.

    Yorgo Kaporis, Vesta Property Group

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  • Don't waste your time with others Just Call AROSOFTWARE You Won't look back.......

    Rory Christdodoulou, Doncaster Hill EA

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  • I Was Skeptical, Because We'd Tried Just About Everything

    Richard Locke, Noosa Realty Service

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  • Easy package to use for admin, saves lots of time keeping listings up to date, also less mistakes as one site adjusts all sites at the same time.

    Barbara Kinder, I & B Real Estate

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  • Arosoftware provides a superb service: technical advice; help & support; and above all, encouragement & confidence. Real people helping real people!

    Fred Ogden, Heart Realty

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  • Excellent value for money, easy to self manage and support when required has been exceptional.

    Max Justice, Max Justice Real Estate

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The bottom line

The bottom line is that you and your team will be earning, not just
shuffling paperwork.

Aro real estate software in action

When a price changes on a property - Our software sends an email with all the details to everyone involved. It sends a link to your admin team with a link instructing them to print a new window card based on the new price.

When a property gets listed - It automatically sends an email to buyers in your system who match the property criteria, and notifies your sales reps of the new property and the relevant buyer matches. It also reminds your website manager to click upload to list the new property to your website and all 3rd party sites (e.g.,

When photos are put in the system - The software automatically resizes them, and notifies relevant staff that the photos are ready to be chosen for window cards, brochures, ad pages, and websites. Your staff can then create window cards and brochures in minutes.

When you are owed money for advertising - The software will find and remind you of all outstanding advertising available with a single click of a button.

When you need to pay your salespeople - Just type in a few queries and the software calculates commission sheets, payments and deductions within 30 seconds.

When you need to create a letter - Do a quick scan and punch out any of 147 different letters, forms and notifications to help you with any event you're likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.

When you need to place advertising - You'll be automatically reminded, weeks in advance.

When you need to send out letters - Whether you're sending to buyers, vendors or solicitors, you can do it in minutes, with a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Aro real estate software in action
  • Property Uploader

    Enter the property information once into our software, upload all of your images at once, and high and low-res version will automatically be created.

    Then with just a single click of your mouse we will upload your property to a large range of prominent free and paid real estate portals in one go, eliminating one of the most time consuming processeses in any real estate agency forever.


    Generates window cards, stock booklets and property lists in seconds with just a few clicks of a mouse.

    All are branded with your colours and logo.

    Choose from our wide range of pre designed layouts or have something custom built to suit your specific needs.

  • Newsletters

    Quickly and easily generate newsletters to send out to your data base packed with a range of features you control such as; properties, open homes, recent sales, latest news or just Merry Christmas.

    Choose from our pre designed layouts or create your own theme and have something custom made to suit your business or occasion.

    View reports on newsletters sent out, which bounced, if they were opened and how many times, which specific properties were viewed and much more.

  • Event Manager

    Automatically generates all your thank your contract and solicitor letters, or practically any letter you want.

    They can be formatted to pull in all the fields eliminating editing. Just set up the letter the first time and tell the system when you would like it to generate it.

    The program will from then on generate the letter at that specific stage every time.

    You will never need to send that letter again.

    Choose from our pre-set collection or add your own.

  • Home Page

    Our entire system was created for ease of use and to minimise the need for training and allow users to find things easily, get it done and move onto more money making activities rather than sitting behind a computer.

    This all starts with the home page, when the user logs on the home page will display a snap shot of the business activities, the display will differ depending on whether you're in sales, management, property management or administration.

    From here you will be able to view properties, open homes, current contracts, outstanding advertising $, current and up-coming advertising

    Client Management

    Specifically designed for real estate to manage and communicate quickly and efficiently to your database, synchronises with your mobile phones and email programs such as Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird etc

    Set up reminders, keeps a record of all emails, newsletters, phone conversations and property inspection feedback.

    Sends out properties to matching buyers automatically and informs you and much more.

    All your client information can now be managed in one location.

  • Source Report

    Produce an extensive range and variety of reports from where your enquiries come in from and conversion to sales, company cash flows, contacts and settlements, vendor feedback reports, office and sales person's activity reports and much more...


    Complete online contract system that will keep track of the entire settlement process of a property.

    There are checklists, automated reminders of crucial dates such as; finance, building and pest, exchange, settlements etc.

    Creates sales person's commission statements automatically and in most states we integrate with a contract program that will automatically generate and pre fill your listing forms, contracts and letters that are required in the process of selling properties.

  • Advertising module

    Tired of the stress caused each week when getting advertising organised, chasing copy and images from sales, chasing people to get advertising proofed, mistakes happening, advertising not getting run, losing track of who owes you money, the list is endless.

    All things of the past with our system.

    Advertising can be created all online using information and photos already in the program, submitted and proofed before sending it to the magazines or newspapers and invoices automatically generated and tracked each week for outstanding monies. This system will change the way you do your advertising forever.

  • Emails

    Aro Software provides a free self managed email hosting service, with 24/7 access to webmail.




ARO Lite

Property/Rental Portal uploader -, domain, etc...
Auto photo re sizing
Newsletter and reportingno reporting
Window card
Rental property/open home strip lists
Permission based log ins
Video help
Mail merge
Client Importer
Custom client groups
Full phone and email supportEmail only after setup
Website integration and control panel to make your own changes
New software updates
Daily Backups
Mobile/ipad App
Outlook integration
Mobile appointment synchronization *
Reminders Section
Auto email reminders
Communications history
Sales Trust / Reconciliation *
Full contracts section/integrates with ADL-forms and RealWorks
Commission calculations section
Automated & manual letter activation
Letter library
Vendor reports
Reporting (financial, contracts, enquiry source, KPI reporting)
Full advertising section with vendor paid tracking and invoicing
Action Plans/Trails
Stock booklet
Office and property documents section
Auto buyer contact
Buyer inspection results
Custom home pages
Other agent's properties section
Quick search for customer, property, contracts and adding communication
* Requires an additional subscription

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