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3 benefits of a fully integrated website 

Real estate websites are dynamic and require a level of integration that can be hard to obtain through 3rd party website providers. 

It’s not to say that it can’t be done, it just makes your life a lot easier to have your CRM and website in the same place. 

Your goal should be prioritising saving time and energy, so you can be out talking to your prospects and selling homes! 

Seamless communication between your website and CRM 

Integrating your website with your CRM allows for a seamless two way communication that ensures your data is fed both ways automatically. 

  • Effectively capture and manage your leads
  • Listings, team profiles, reviews and open homes are automatically uploaded to your website
  • Eliminate manual data entry into your CRM
  • Save further time by utilising automations and workflows 

Keeping costs low and simple

Keeping your CRM and website provider services in one place can be a cost effective and straightforward approach to your business’s tech solutions. 

  • Avoid the expenses and complexities that come with managing multiple providers. 
  • Get overall savings on subscription fees, maintenance costs, and the time needed to coordinate between different platforms. 

Technical and maintenance changes 

When you have your website with your CRM provider, all technical maintenance (plugins, hosting, security, etc) is taken care of.

  • It saves you the hassle of troubleshooting and resolving technical problems yourself.
  • Your website is running 24/7… no more costly outages.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our website solutions, and how we could help you to streamline your processes and ensure you are operating at peak tech efficiency! 

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