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3 easy tips on how you can utilise your CRM to win more listings 

There’s a reason why high performing agents continue to win listing after listing. And no, it’s not because they are rolling up in a Mercedes G63 AMG to their listing presentations, or have insane memory and recall capabilities…this new breed of agents know something that the majority don’t. 

Elite agents understand that time is money, and if they don’t execute quickly and effectively enough they know that opportunities are running out the door with massive financial consequences. Ruthless, and consistent execution at the right opportunities will ultimately determine anyone’s success and not just that of a real estate agent. 

So if the goal is to execute quickly and efficiently at the right opportunities whilst making more time, how can you as an agent do this consistently? It’s simple.. 

Implement a robotic and robust, prospecting system that you follow religiously week in, and week out by utilising your CRM system.

Here’s 3 easy tips you can implement today to help you win more listings 

Tip 1: Using your real estate CRM prospecting tools

If you’re using a modern real estate CRM system, then you’ll have access to prospecting tools that enable you to bulk load your target patches fetching thousands of addresses with just a few clicks. 

These prospecting tools will allow you to assign property ownership to vendors, indicate their market status, sale history, record price estimates and generate CMA’s from Pricefinder

Why will this help you win more listings? 

You will no longer need to manage dozens of excel spreadsheets, this means no more double data entry into your CRM which we all know is a huge time waster. You load in your farm area in a few clicks with thousands of addresses, add the owners details and begin to manage your prospects efficiently. This means you will make more time, empowering you to build more relationships. 

Tip 2: Lead pipeline management

Now that you’re managing your prospects in your real estate CRM, you can now seamlessly convert your prospect into a lead once you’ve assessed if they are looking to sell or lease their property. Assessing your pipeline quickly is paramount in ensuring you are contacting and managing your listing opportunities effectively. This will remove forgetfulness, loss of communication and opportunities slipping through the cracks from affecting your listing close rate. 

Managing your lead pipeline in your CRM system will also open the doors to automated task and event reminders right to your email or phone telling you exactly what needs to be done.  

Bonus: Managing your prospects in your CRM means that you already have their data, now you just need to begin building the relationship and make contact to ask for permission to send them some information. 

Why will this help you win more listings? 

You will totally eliminate loss of listings due to forgetting to follow up, losing flow of communication and meeting. This lead system will allow you to always have your finger on the pulse with every lead that you have qualified, ensuring you never lose to circumstances that you can control like organisation. Using a system like this will enable you to manage mountains of listing opportunities all at once. 

Tip 3: Vendor Paid Prospecting: Social Media Advertising

What is Vendor Paid Prospecting? 

Vendor paid prospecting is when a vendor has purchased one or more advertising packages that not only increases exposure for the listing but also places your personal or agency brand in front of hundreds of potential localised sellers / prospects. 

If you’re not pitching social media listing campaigns to your vendor, you are missing out on listing opportunities. 

The best part about this strategy is that it’s already paid by the vendor. They are indirectly helping you capture seller attention, reach more buyers and build your authority. Not only are you benefiting from the increase in exposure for the listing, but also exposure for your own personal brand. 

The Aro CRM system has just released a brand new feature, Social Ads. This system is an integration with a specialised digital marketing agency, Lead Fleet. You will have the ability to launch an ad in just under 4 minutes, Amplify will write your ad copy, generate the ad creative and optimise the ad to perform. 

Why will this help you win more listings?

Believe it or not, social media listing campaigns are a massive point of difference between you and your competitors. Why? Because the majority of agencies are not utilising this, there’s 21 million Australians that actively use social media day in and day out, that’s a huge opportunity to gain credibility and captivate seller attention that actually generates listing conversations. 

It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you – David Avrin

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