3 explosive ways to strike gold in your existing database (uncover golden nuggets)

Growing your database is amongst the highest-leverage activities you will ever do as a real estate agent. And as we know, it’s nearly impossible to get a listing if your target area has no idea who you even are. But this article has nothing to do with growing your database, that’s for another post.

This article will help you uncover golden nuggets that have been hiding in plain sight in your database that you may not even know about. Regardless of how a contact has made their way into your database, it is paramount to correctly categorise and segment them into specific groups, this is so you can effectively remarket and nurture them regularly. 

These tips will help you generate listings using data you may have had in your CRM for years. 

Here are 3 explosive ways to strike gold in your existing database

Tip 1: Sending an SMS campaign to targeted homeowners post-sale 

I’m about to give you one of the most powerful SMS campaign templates to generate attention from potential sellers. If you’re using a modern real estate CRM, this will be easy and should only take you a few minutes. 

Informing homeowners in the area on the outcome of a sale is a valuable way to invite a conversation especially if the result was a success. The majority of homeowners are actively looking at the market to understand where their assets’ value sits in the current market conditions.

Tip 2: Targeted email campaigns to your potential seller groups 

This one is a no-brainer; if you have a contact, you likely have an email address, or it shouldn’t even exist in your database. Email campaigns are amongst the cheapest and most effective ways to nurture your existing database every month. You have so much valuable content that a homeowner will appreciate such as;

  • Recent sales in their area with tangible results (open home attendees, leads, matching buyers)
  • Interest rate moves
  • Suburb growth 
  • Potential developments that could increase the price of their asset

Tip 3: Automated database nurturing sequences

Automated nurturing sequences are a combination of emails and SMSs that are automatically triggered based on an action. This action is usually triggered by the lead source or a specific group when looking to nurture sellers. 

This tip requires the least amount of effort of all three, you will set it up once and tweak it now and then updating notable sales and content. 

An example of a seller nurturing trail will look like this:

  • Email 1: 
    • Instant: Here’s your Market Update for Noosa John
  • Email 2:
    • 2 days later: See why 430+ families have trusted us to sell their home 
  • Email 3: 
    • 4 days later: 8 notable sales in Noosa in the last 12 months that have affected your property value
  • Email 4: 
    • 6 days later: Are you interested in knowing what your home is worth?
  • SMS:
    • 8 days later: Hey John, It’s Matt from Noosa Realty. I see you’ve downloaded the Market Update for Noosa. Are you currently looking at buying, or are you interested in understanding where your asset stands in the current market conditions? 

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