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3 Key Takeaways From Our Recent Prospecting Module Updates

We have released the first stage of our prospecting upgrades. Prospecting is a vital part of the process for any real estate agency. When executed successfully, it keeps you ahead of competitors operating in your areas by ensuring you’re front of mind when people want to sell. 

Here are 3 key takeaways from our initial release, with much more exciting stuff on the horizon! 

Campaign upgrades

Email & SMS campaigns

We have improved the process of sending email and SMS campaigns to your prospects.

Mail merge campaigns

Quickly mail merge to create personalised letterbox drop campaigns directly from the prospects list.

Improved search & filtering 

We have made improvements to the search & filter options to make it easier to find particular prospects or filter to a specific street or suburb.

These improvements allow you to customise filters extensively with custom filters and saved filter options. This gives you the tools to segment your data in a way that allows for various actions, such as marketing campaigns to particular suburbs or streets. 

Match contacts to prospects 

You now have the ability to match property owners in your contact database with your prospect database. Missing records are automatically created to ensure your prospect database is up to date.

This streamlines your prospecting process of pairing up owners with properties, eliminating the need for manual data input or redundant tasks. See the AroHelp article here on how to action this with your existing database. 

Getting Started

If you have any questions about implementing these prospecting tools, please contact the support team

If you do not have an Aro account yet and would like to learn more, please book a meeting here

Coming soon – More changes are on the way! 

New appraisal process

We are overhauling the way you add and manage your appraisals to give you more control and visibility.

Prospecting mail merge templates

We are releasing a range of prospecting mail merge canva templates in partnership with the team @ Lead Fleet.

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