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6 minimalist real estate website designs we currently love

Minimalist real estate website design focuses on simplicity and prioritises what is most essential, and in this case, particularly, ensuring your real estate website talks directly to sellers and drives them to take action is what is most essential. Gone are the days when your website was just used as a static source of credibility, these beauties can be set up in a way that actively prospects sellers and helps build your brand perception effectively.

The number one thing you don’t want on your website is ‘noise’, we want to completely avoid unnecessary distractions and deterrents for potential sellers and landlords. We understand stand that the word ‘minimalism’ gets thrown around quite a bit, but in this instance, we can’t emphasise this word enough. Ensuring that your website is set up simply with intention, making it easy for your hard-earned website traffic to take action is one of the most important actions your website can perform. 

Take a look at our top 6 minimalist real estate website designs that we are currently loving right now for some inspiration. 

Turner Property 



Fellows Real Estate 

Vella Iverson Real Estate

Steele Properties 

Feeling stuck with what to do next with your website? 

As times change, so do the functional needs, requirements and design techniques of your website. It’s important to realise that your website is not a stationary postcard, it must be improved, altered and updated to remain modern, lead-generating and impactful. 

The best analogy I can give here is that you should treat your website just as you would a car. For your car to work at its best efficiency, you must change the oil and service regularly to mitigate problems that may arise. And if you find that your car is no longer working as it should and it is beyond repair it is time to look for something new. 

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