We have added Just Click videos to our integration library to give you video generation for listings at the click of a button.

To celebrate this release, Just Click videos are offering all Arosoftware customers unlimited free videos for the month of September 2019.

How it works

  1. You log in to Aro and click “Create video” on a listing, Aro will automatically send the details you have entered over to Just Click videos.
  2. Just Click videos work their magic for approximately 5 minutes, then boom your video is done! Complete with the images, text, details.
  3. An email will be sent to you with the mp4 file or a direct link to the video which has been automatically uploaded to the server.
  4. You are free to use the file and link how you please. Upload it to Youtube or Facebook, paste it straight into Aro and upload it to portals, etc.


What kind of videos can be made?
Sale and rental listing videos, commercial videos and sold videos.

Where can I use these videos?
Portals such as REA and Domain: Facebook, Instagram, youtube: your own website.

How much does it cost after the free month of September?
$30 per video, check out the Just Click video pricing page for more details.

Will I ever have to pay for the videos I generate during the free month of September?
No, videos generated in September will remain free.

Is there any obligation to start generating paid videos after September?
No, you can stop generating videos when September ends or start generating them on a pay as you go plan.

Check out the Just Click website for more FAQ’s.

Getting Started

To create your first video simply head to any sale, rental or commercial listing inside Arosoftware and click the “Create video” button, watch the video above for a full runthrough. As always, if you get stuck please call, chat or email our team of support experts.

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