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Aro website update: Propps integration

We are now integrating with the Propps ‘Make an offer’ button for all of our websites. Propps lets buyers make offers directly on your website. the ‘Make an offer’ button will appear on listings you choose. Buyers can click it to prepare and submit a legally binding offer that’s delivered straight to the listing agent by SMS and email.

Propps was founded with a simple focus to improve the real estate experience, with agents at its core. After a wildly successful pilot, Propps grew rapidly, processing over a billion dollars in offers prior to its official launch. Now, Propps is continuing its success with strong investor backing and a clear focus on delivering value to agents, buyers and vendors. Propps has a simple vision to make the experience of buying and selling property simple, smart and accessible; and this vision is underpinned by a philosophy of partnership: to bring together the industry’s best into a coherent experience for buyers and sellers.

Propps provides:

Button on your website 👍

QR code displayed at Open homes 💪

See all your offers in one place 👏

Send updates easily to all buyers 📣

Click to share best offers with vendors 🙌


Buyers love it.

Vendors want it.

Agents need it.

About the integration:

To get started, visit Propps and click the ‘Get started’ button in the menu. Once the set-up has been finalised, a team member from the Propps integration team will notify us that your agency is ready to have the ‘Make an offer’ button activated. Once we have been notified by the Propps team, we will confirm that you would like to go ahead with the activation. 

To learn more about the Propps ‘Make an offer’ button, visit their website the button below. 

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