ARO101: Lead management

Managing leads is an essential part of your daily routine. Finding the high quality leads in a pile of new enquiries can be a time consuming process… it can feel like you are in a never ending game of phone tag

The Aro CRM lead management tools aren’t going to make everyone magically answer the phone (not yet anyway) but it will help you automate your follow up and keep the high quality leads front and centre so you spend your time talking to the people that are most likely to buy or sell.

This ARO 101 video showcases the best practice for managing and tracking leads through Arosoftware and helps you take your lead management to the next level.

  • What is a Lead?
  • Auto processing Leads from your website,, and inspection registrations.
  • Managing your Leads list.
  • Using Pipelines to easily track and manage your leads.
  • The Aro Automation engine and how it can maximise productivity and assist in lead management.

If you have any questions on the lead management process or would like to see a particular topic covered, please email us at

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