Our latest release gives your vendors real time open home performance feedback all displayed in a beautiful mobile responsive report. Free to use for all Aro account holders.

How it works:

  1. Each open home has a unique landing page that can be shared with the vendor. Quickly email or SMS this URL to the vendor via the Aro mobile app.
  2. Attendee’s check in automatically using the Aro OFI registration form or by the agent manually entering their details using the Aro mobile app.
  3. Comments, interest levels and price feedback are all instantly displayed on the live OFI report ready for the vendor to see.
  4. Vendors can review the data and even switch back to a previous OFI time to compare data.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough talking through the components of the report.


Can I choose to not display an attendance?
Sure, you have complete control over which attendance records show on the OFI report, simply turn off the “Visible to vendor” switch when adding the attendee.

Can the report be viewed on mobile?
Yes, it’s 100% mobile responsive and compatible on all smart phone browsers.

Getting Started

We have installed this in your account automatically, follow these steps to open your first report;

Using the Aro mobile app
Tap the “OFI times” menu and tap an OFI time
Click the “OFI report” link to view the report

Using the full Aro CRM
Navigate to “Listing -> open for inspections” and locate the OFI time you want to report on.
Click the report action followed by “Open OFI report”

As always, if you get stuck, you can chat, call or email our team of support experts.

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