Aro update: Vendor report upgrades

We have made vendor reports easier to customise and added several new modules, check out the list of changes below

Here’s what changed:

Interest Level
Give vendors a clear snapshot of the attendees’ interest levels at open homes.

Price Feedback
The price feedback that you are recording via our OFI upgrades can be displayed in an easy-to-read pie graph making those price discussions a little bit simpler. 

OFI Activity

The OFI Activity module has been updated to include the interest level and price feedback for each attendance record.


We’ve given the summary module an upgrade by adding 8 more items and including some icons to increase readability.

Attach Documents

Do you have some extra PDF documents you want to include in the vendor report? No worries, attach them and Aro will automatically merge them onto the end of the vendor report. This is great for including website traffic reports from REA and Domain.

Customise Module Data
You can now edit OFI feedback, lead notes and communication notes whilst generating a vendor report instead of having to find the record and making changes. Aro will even update the record permanently if you choose to do so.

We have also opened up all statistic fields to be customised so you can make changes as needed, for example, you may need to change the total enquiries received from 12 to 14 because some data has not been entered yet.

Enquiry/Lead Log
You can now clearly show vendors the enquiries generated so far by including a log of all enquiries received on a listing and the latest note for each.

Getting Started

These changes have been auto-installed in all accounts that have the Vendor Reports module. If you would like to add the Vendor Reports module to your account, simply chat, call or email our team of support experts.

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