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Introducing Lead Fleet

The last few months, the Aro team has been busy behind the scenes creating a new arm of our business. Now it’s time to officially introduce you to Lead Fleet!

Version 4.44.57

We have converted the add task form to the new sidebar style as well as some other small changes and bug fixes.

Version 4.44.56

Merge field additions and upgrades to testimonials URL’s as well as some quick bug fixes.

Version 4.44.45

This weeks release focusses on fixing a number of reported bugs in the system

Version 4.44.44

This weeks release saw updates to some new components in the software as well as a number of bug fixes

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Dedicated business broker CRM website

Arosoftware is proud to to be providing CRM & website design services for Australian & New Zealand business brokers. To make things a little easier

Aro Software Update
New Features

New Contact Filtering

Finding your contacts in Arosoftware has just been made easier with our latest software update.

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Get a no obligation 7 day free trial of the Aro CRM.