Author: Ben

Version 4.44.54

A number of fixes to the workflow module this week, along with the addition of new feeds.

Version 4.44.53

A number of bug fixes for this weeks release, including fixes to table custom filters and editing contact

Version 4.44.51

A number of updates to feeds in this weeks release as well as bug fixes

New Add Lead form
Release log

New Lead Add form and Quick Add menu

We have overhauled the Add Lead form in the software. This is now in the same style as the Add Contact form.

The Quick Add menu has also seen an upgrade, and its now easier to manage your settings.

Version 4.44.48

This weeks release included improvements to Settlement Statements, as well as updates to improve database performance.

Version 4.44.47

This weeks update includes a number of bug fixes as well as improvements to Vendor Reports and Newsletters

Version 4.44.46

A number of bug fixes in this weeks release, focussed on leads and notifications.

New Features

QR Code OFI Check In

Using a scannable QR code, your attendees will now be able to have a ‘zero contact’ registration process. You may have seen this type of thing when visiting a restaurant or local establishment.

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