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Is your real estate agency or business brokerage using automations to stay productive?

It has become a well-established reality that automation saves you time. Automating specific systems within your real estate agency or business brokerage can have a tremendous impact in saving you time so that you can spend more time on higher leveraged activities such as prospecting and building relationships. 

With our knowledge within the real estate and broker space and after consulting numerous agents, we have identified 4 must-have automation systems that we believe to be of the most benefit, as well as ways in which they can help boost your productivity moving forward. 

1. Listing Bulk Uploader

This is now an industry standard, however we still see agencies uploading their listings up to 4 different portals including their website manually. This is a massively time consuming activity especially when needing to make updates. 

A bulk upload system that is integrated with a good CRM system will allow you to generate vendor reports, store all of your leads against the listing, create and manage your open homes published across major portals, calculate commissions, store communications, trust account reporting and much more. 

2.  Open for Inspections: Post OFI attendee follow up

The goal of any automation within a real estate CRM is to free up time for the agent and get things happening on autopilot. A task which every agents does is Open for inspections / Open homes. Now we can’t automate the entire open home process as we don’t have any robots yet…but we can automate conversation starters for all attendees. This automation works by both sending an SMS to the attendee to start a conversation such as inviting offers, or emailing the attendee with more information on the property. We can also automatically assign follow up tasks to the agent to contact the attendee.

3. Generate Reports & Analytics

Having the ability to automatically generate reports is a major reason that CRM systems save real estate agents & business brokers so much time. Within an industry focused CRM, reports are automatically generated to key analytics on your contact growth, leads, listings, finances, agent KPI’s and appraisals giving principals and sales managers the ability to help their agents succeed . These reports can be referenced at any time and automatically generated and updated as your business grows.

If you are not currently doing this we would suggest starting simple with reports like;

  • Lead/enquiry source report
  • Database growth
  • Appraisals per team member

4. Automations & Workflows

Producing recurring and automated workflows is important when it comes to boosting your productivity as an agent. Having preset and pre-written emails targeting the right prospects directly through automated workflows will allow the agent to focus on continuing the conversation rather than creating one organically. 

These tools have been built to assist agents in nurturing their database and leads. A well built and optimised CRM system does not replace an agent but empower them to become more efficient so you can focus on higher leveraged activities and grow your new relationships. 

Not sure where to start? 

Are you wanting to launch some automation and workflows within your real estate agency or business brokerage and not sure how or where to start? 

Let’s get you booked in for a quick phone call and I’ll help assess your CRM system to see if you are equipped to begin using automations within your agency.

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