Aro Tips: OFI Registration

It can be difficult to collect everyone’s details at open homes. On top of that, if you are collecting them manually you can find yourself ending up with the wrong details.

The OFI registration feature is designed to eliminate these pain points by giving you a digital form that can be opened on your phone, tablet or laptop which can then be placed at the front of your open home or handed out as you move around the house.

How it works

  • OFI attendee completes registration form
  • Aro instantly adds their details to the Aro mobile app so you can add feedback and set interest levels
  • Aro instantly adds their details to the full Aro CRM so that vendor reports are updated and auto responders can begin.

Getting started
This feature is available in all Aro accounts as long as you have an integrated website. To get started, check out the help articles or contact our support specialists.

Pro tip
Lock your device to one application to stop people from navigating out of the OFI registration form. Apple users can set this up this using “Guided access”, whilst Android users you can activate “Screen pinning”.

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