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Automation has always been at the heart of what we do here at Arosoftware. In fact, the ‘ARO’ part of our name stands for ‘Automated Realestate Office’. 

When implemented correctly, automation can reduce workload, increase data quality and improve customer satisfaction by providing more consistent and accurate services. The problem is that it is typically out of reach for most businesses as development and implementation costs can add up significantly.

This is why we have created the Automation Dashboard. It gives you instant access to some automation staples that you can benefit from right away. 

And the best news, this is a FREE module that has now been activated in your account


Here are the automations that have been added to your account.

Email Autoresponders

We know that having a simple and automated way to respond to enquires is key to building strong relationships with your customers. This automation will allow you to easily create a simple email autoresponder for when an enquiry is made from your website

Property Alerts

Property alerts is a powerful feature within Arosoftware that automatically alerts your database when a new listing is added or its price is updated. Up until now, property alert details needed to be manually added. This automation will create new property alerts based on the listing that was enquired on, and adjust current ones to ensure when you are sending listing details to a potential client, they match their needs.

Read the full help article for answers to frequently asked questions and to start implementing automation in your account.

The automation engine (Premium)

The automation engine is the machine behind the automation dashboard. Automate complex operations within your Arosoftware account or customise the standard automation dashboard scenarios. If you would like to discuss a complete automation solution please contact us.


How much is it?

The automation dashboard is FREE and has been added to your account.

Can I customise the automations?

Yes, each automation has a range of preset changes that you can make. See our full help guide for details on setting up these automations. 

If there is additional customisation or steps you would like to include, contact us to discuss how our automation engine can help. 

Will these automations work for my business and commercial listings?

Currently, some of the new automations are still in beta testing for certain business and commercial listings. Our team will be monitoring these closely as we look to make this functionality fully available for all listing types.

Are there other automations coming?

Yes, you will see that we have a ‘Brochures’ automation coming soon. We have some exciting news around this, and more updates will be available soon. And we won’t be stopping there. 

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