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Boost Your Open Home Attendance With Automations

As a real estate agent, you know that open homes play a crucial role in showcasing properties, generating leads and ultimately closing deals. 

While it’s true that not everyone who attends an open home is a serious buyer, a packed open home creates an atmosphere of excitement and energy, generating a sense of exclusivity and desirability among potential buyers. This can lead to increased competition and ultimately drive up offers. There is power in creating hype! 

By sending targeted and personalised invitations to your potential buyers and people who have expressed interest, you increase the likelihood of getting more attendees. For example,  if you have 30 people present on the day and only 3 serious buyers, the impact on those 3 serious buyers is significant and will encourage them to act quickly. 

Sending out individual invitations and reminders to potential buyers can be a time-consuming and inefficient task. 

With simple automations in Aro, you can streamline the process with a click of a button.

Streamline your open home admin with a click of a button

Send invitations for an upcoming open home

  • Sends an invitation to contacts who have inquired about the listing or have matching alert criteria 24 hours before the open home. 

Send reminders to registered contacts for upcoming open homes

  • Sends an open home reminder to contacts who are registered to attend a specific open home 24 hours prior. 

Weekly open homes

  • Sends a weekly open home list to all subscribed contacts in your database, on a day and time of your choosing. 

Coming soon- Follow up open home attendees and request feedback 

  • The Follow-up message will be sent 24 hours after a contact has attended an open home and automate the feedback collection process

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