Business boost grant for QLD businesses – Here’s what you need to know

The QLD government has released more information on the Business Boost Grant. The primary focus of the grant is to;

  • Boost turnover, profit, and employment
  • Increase business confidence and skills
  • Improve business resilience and survivability

What can my real estate business use this grant for?

You can view a full list of the eligible activities on the QLD gov business boost landing page. Some of the highlights include;

  • Upgrades to your CRM
  • Implementation of automatic follow up and client nurture systems
  • Additional training for staff
  • Bespoke or complex website design and development.

How can Aro help?

We are here to help you through the application process by creating a bespoke proposal for your business as well as guiding you through the application process. If you are interested in getting a proposal created or learning more about how we can help please contact us. 

Who can apply for the business boost grant?

At the time of applying your business must;

  • have fewer than 20 employees (by headcount)
  • have an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and registered for GST;
  • have a Queensland headquarters
  • have a turnover of between $300,000 (minimum) and $600,000 (maximum) in the last financial year (2020-21)
  • have a publicly reachable web presence to identify business operations (for example, business website, social media pages)
  • have owners/directors that are not insolvent or undischarged bankrupt

How much funding is available?

  • Up to $15,000 (excl GST) on completion of your project.
  • Successful applicants must contribute 30% of the total project cost
  • A minimum funding of $7,500 and the maximum is $15,000

You can use the QLD gov calculator to determine contribution amount

When can I apply?

  • Applications open 9am, Friday 30th July 2021.
  • Applications will close once enough applications are received for competitive assessment. In the past, similar grants have been closed within 2-3 hours.

How do I apply?

  • Business must complete an online application via DESBT SmartyGrants portal.
  • You must complete the application and validate every question before submitting

If you are interested in getting a proposal created or learning more about how we can help please contact us.

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