routinely communicate with your real estate database

Why routinely communicating with your database will help build and maintain high-quality relationships

Routinely and frequently maintaining a close communication stream with your database is pertinent for developing and nurturing a connection with your prospects.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to quickly do this, by setting in motion a digital conversation between yourself and your database.

Building a relationship

The implementation of email marketing, either manually or through email marketing software, is the first step in providing prospects true value. Sending email campaigns enables you to push out bulk emails quickly and efficiently to all of your prospects in conjunction with strategic target marketing methods.

The relationship developed through your frequent communication is one of your most advantageous methods of forming meaningful relationships with your prospects at scale, effectively and efficiently.

“As a real estate agent, your database is your gold mine and one of your most valuable assets. Leveraging your database by sending frequent, valuable and targeted email campaigns helps build & maintain meaningful relationships at scale”

– Aron Rubulis, CEO

Provide value on a regular basis 

The habitual nature of your targeted emails towards your database will establish your brand presence as well as the value you provide your prospects, ultimately leading to an increase in the generation of sales and appraisals. 

This connection will only be beneficial if the information you provide is of actual value to them. Offering your leads value rather than hard selling is key to establishing them as a repeat  subscriber of the content you provide, so how can you implement this ideology moving forward?

Tips to add value to your prospects 

Value can be added when you provide your prospects with the following…

  • Market updates & insights. 
  • Education on property related topics
  • Solicit unbiased advice or information.
  • Market reports 
  • Value-add ebooks
  • Listing updates that are relevant to them

Why does this matter?

The information you contribute as a real estate professional can be highly impactful to their overall decision making process and will ultimately assist them during this important journey. 

In doing so, you will have captured a positive emotional connection and relationship with your leads. The likelihood they’ll convert to either a direct sale, or become a vessel for spreading positive word of mouth to their connections is exceedingly probable and will continue to compound.

Give it a go!

We encourage you to try out these methods next time you’re connecting with your database  through email marketing. Grab control of your database and transform your real estate marketing strategy.

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