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Skyrocket your productivity and streamline your lead-management, so you’ll have more time to spend doing what YOU want. Created by actual real estate agents, our real estate CRM eliminates time-consuming paperwork and follow-ups. No upfront payment required.

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Running a real estate business can be overwhelming

With hundreds, or even thousands of contacts, it’s hard to find the time and energy to follow up with everyone and track everything.

But if you don’t regularly touch base with leads and jump on listings, you miss opportunities. Or even worse – without a clear, automated system, you’ll fall behind and will waste your valuable time putting out fires.

With the real estate market getting more volatile, you need to do everything possible to maximise your success.

That’s why we created Aro, our real estate CRM

With decades of experience in the industry, we’ve built an easy-to-use real estate CRM to handle all the tough, tedious and tiring tasks so you can focus on more important things. Here’s how we help you:

Never Miss Out On Another Sale, Referral, or Listing

Stay on top of your leads and listings with our sales CRM. Build pipelines and track everyone – set filters to see your hottest buyers and easily create automated follow-ups, reminders and tasks.

Keep your leads warm with newsletters and emails, and categorise your prospects (2BR, 4BR, commercial) so you can give them the info and properties they really want.

Build a system to reach out to your previous customers, and create your very own referral engine.

Finally, get more done. Automatically send tasks to your staff, set appointments and sync them to all your calendars, and update your entire team with our real-time cloud system.

CRM for Real Estate

Create websites that generate results (even if you aren’t tech savvy)

Customizable Websites for Real Estate

Did you know that over 80% of home buyers search online, and 70% of them use mobiles or tablets? It’s crucial to have a working, responsive website that is created specifically to generate leads. Here’s how our real estate CRM Aro helps you with that:

Aro creates fully customisable websites made for your real estate business: drag-and-drop everything you need and see your changes instantly. View your website on any device, and convert more visitors with our proven designs.

When you add a new listing, Aro automatically updates your website and over 40 directories (such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au). We’ll resize everything automatically. We even do daily back-ups to protect all your hard work.

And the best part: pay absolutely NOTHING upfront.

Save time (and headaches) with our easy-to-use platform, made by actual real estate agents

Spend less time shuffling paperwork and working on your CRM, and more time with your friends and family.

Our real estate CRM makes time-consuming tasks like creating window cards, brochures, reports, contracts, staff management and emails fast and easy. And when we say easy, we mean it.

In Aro, everything is dynamic and intuitive: just click on a widget, and the right things will happen. In just seconds, add info into the CRM, assign it, and categorise it. To make things even easier, we have various checklists to guide you from start to finish.

Aro works on any device, including tablets. Take it on-the-go, make instant updates and use it with clients for a clean, professional look.

Make better and faster decisions with real-time info about your business

No more crunching through spreadsheets. Simply open up our CRM and see everything about your business quickly and clearly. Manage your ads, get instant reports and analytics, and create commission sheets in seconds.

No more wondering ‘who did what?’. Know where every lead is, where they are in the pipeline, who contacted them, when they contacted them, and how. Whenever anyone does anything, whether it’s an email, phone call or appointment, our CRM updates automatically.

With our CRM, you can access all your data anywhere, at any time, from different devices.

Have a team of helpful experts right by your side

With Aro, you’ll get real-time customer support without the wait. Just pick up the phone and talk to Australian-based support specialists, or simply use our live chat to get fast solutions. We also offer email support and have over 200 helpful articles and videos.

In addition to our support options, we offer valuable training to unlock all the features of the CRM at no extra cost. It’s all included in your subscription.

See why over 4,000 real estate agents and 700 offices across Australia have trusted Aro for over 15 years

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say about our real estate CRM:

Thank you Aro Software for making the interface and use of the system simple, quick and easy to use. Not only am I using the software for my own business, but am also demonstrating the software to students of the real Estate Licensing Course here in NSW as a package for their entire office and real estate needs.

— Yorgo Kaporis, Vesta Property Group

Finally, a program designed specifically to suit every real estate agents needs. Not only does it have a buyer and seller data base. It also emails the agent and the agents clients direct with properties that match their needs. It does everything. Compared with other programs we have used over the years, your system is “Supreme”

— Gerry Siegle, Galaxy Real Estate

Aro 4.0 has given Greencliff the tools and capability to be a much more efficient team.. We now have the advantage of spending less time on the computer and more time listing and selling!!

— Nicola Ericson, Greencliff

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