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OPES Property Partners is one of our latest website design & development projects that we have launched this month.

The team from OPES Property Partners had approached us wanting to make some big improvements to the agency’s website, become a more recognisable brand to compliment a recent logo redesign, showcase recent projects and to ultimately generate more leads through the OPES website. We believe that your website is one of your biggest assets for your real estate agency which will directly correlate to your online performance and growth of your agency.

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The goals set by OPES 

“In 2021 more real estate agencies are looking at ways to transform their brand online and grow their business digitally”

When designing the OPES website, it was important to assess their business goals and what they wanted to achieve with the redesign. This is so we can put some strategy behind what we are designing to create a stunning lead generating website. Two of their main goals were to get more homeowner leads and to generate exposure to their project marketing. To achieve this, we created a homepage that allowed a visitor to quickly send a property appraisal request, search available land and homes while also maintaining a strong brand consistency. With the goal in mind, we set out and designed a landing page which has a large focal point on drawing attention to the dual property appraisal and property search call to action so the visitor is more inclined to take action and generate a potential lead.

The redesign 

The homepage design is simple yet effective featuring 5 inner sections between the landing page displaying some key quick links, brief background, current listings and testimonials which funnels into a stand alone property sales appraisal call to action. When designing for a real estate agency website homepage, three key points are important to cover when designing an effective and compelling website for a real estate agency.

Three key points:

The ‘What’. What is the brand, and what are you offering to website visitors? What is a vital step to generating a lead and converting a visitor. A visitor will almost never be converted to a lead without some clear indication of what the brand is offering.

In this case for OPES, their market offer is land and home sales, property appraisals and project marketing. In the website redesign for OPES, the ‘what’ has been encapsulated effectively in multiple areas of the website and homepage. This is in the form of a well structured clear menu title, a 3 way call to action search bar and also a ‘How can we help’ section. It’s important to deliver the ‘What’ as quickly and as clearly as possible, a bad conversion rate is often directly correlated with an unclear or confusing market offering.

The ‘Why’. Why should a first time website visitor trust your real estate agency and have confidence in your agency’s ability to deliver a desired service? It is important to include a brief but compelling ‘about’ section on the homepage to explain why they should trust your brand. 

With the OPES redesign, we have included a short but compelling section with the title ‘The trusted name in the hills district’ highlighting the agency’s experience, dedication to their clients and market offer.

It is also very important to highlight your agency testimonials on the homepage to assist with building both credibility and validity to your brand. These testimonials will assist in the conversion process and gain the confidence of your service. 


The ‘How’. This key point is responsible for expressing how your agency will help a new website visitor with their real estate needs. This is closely related to the ‘what’ and compliment each other throughout the website. 

On the OPES website, this is covered in a simple three list quick link section with simple titles linking to their dedicated pages and also a well structured simplified menu. 

The website then funnels into a ‘Looking to sell?’ appraisal call to action. This follows the flow of the content after covering the three key points to entice the visitor to take action and fill out the property appraisal form, potentially converting a visitor to a lead. 

Drive visitors to take action 

This page is important because it’s sole purpose is to generate leads for sale appraisals. This page serves one purpose; to convert the visitor to a lead after filling out the free appraisal call to action. This page demands simplicity and a good flow of content to funnel into a call to action to have a greater chance of gaining quality leads. This page is a perfect demonstration of using the three out of the three key points effectively to drive your website visitors to take action. It encapsulates the ‘What’ in the initial heading overlaying the image, flowing into the ‘Why’ which is clearly outlined, the ‘How’ displayed in content circles which then leads to the success stories suggesting brand credibility. This content is then tied to a funnel at the end with a question title ‘Ready to make a start?’ provoking action to fill out the property appraisal form. 

Should you upgrade your real estate website in 2021/22? 

We have seen a major shift in 2021. More real estate agents are using their digital presence to drive traffic to their own website rather than driving traffic to third party portals. In an ever changing technological era, it is important to invest time into reassessing your digital shopfront. Here are a few tips to assess your real estate website. 

  1. Does your website homepage include the three key points? (What, Why, How)
  2. Does your website have a call to action on multiple pages? 
  3. How well does your website content flow into a funnel demanding action from a visitor? 
  4. Is your website consistent with your brand? 

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