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Custom website case study: City and Country

Custom designed website project for City and Country servicing Mt Isa specialising in residential sales, leasing and property management

City and Country Realty had approached us wanting to redesign their current website. Their current website was nearing 5 years old and was in need of a freshen up. City and Country realty is a successful and growing agency and we wanted to showcase this by designing a premium website. We wanted to capitalize on this and create something that not only complimented their brand and their location, but actively prospected new website visitors and generated quality sales and property management leads.

The goals for this redesign:

  • Generate seller leads
  • Grow the rent roll of the agency
  • Modernise the design 

“Your real estate website needs to engage with your prospects, there’s a reason why they have landed on your website. Start capitalising on this by driving your audience to take action.”

Drive your target market to take action

For this project, we have used a full height feature section, we have done this to ensure the website visitor is focusing on the call to action. One of the main focuses for our website projects is to generate high engagement and drive website visitors to take action by implementing key call to actions across the website which resonate with the target audience. In this particular case, our target market is property owners looking to sell, and property owners looking to rent out their property. To complement this, we have utilised a dual action appraisal bar with a title of ‘What will my house’ which leads to two options for a sales appraisal or a rental appraisal. 

Scrolling down the page we have added a ‘How can we help’ section displaying some key listing pages for the secondary target market being buyers, these are also known as quicklinks. Quick Links are an important element to any real estate website, these allow website visitors to quickly navigate through the website to their desired page easily.

We have then inserted a content section explaining why a potential prospect should trust City and Country realty. This type of section is an important part of any homepage to assist in instilling trust and credibility to the brand. This section houses a call to action to meet the City and Country realty team to create a personalised experience with the brand. 

The homepage also features a property slider, a secondary content section, a testimonials slider which then flows into the main call to action for this website. Making sure your primary call to action is flowed through the bottom on the page increases the chance of generating a lead as the body of the website should have compelled the website visitor to trust your agency.

Sellers lead generation page

This page has been designed to generate enquiries from homeowners looking to sell their property. These lead-generating pages must include 3 main focuses: what, why, and how. The goal here is to sell your agency’s ability to market and sell the website visitor’s home for the best price possible. This is incredibly important – if your prospective seller isn’t ‘sold’ on your ability to sell, the chance of them filling out your appraisal form is low.

The main call to action on this lead generating page is a direct property appraisal form. We have created a condensed version of the property appraisal form as decreasing the level of friction and inconvenience to the prospect can increase a chance of a completed form filled out by a prospect. 

Ensuring that we do not lose our prospects’ attention while filling the form out is a vital step to gathering these details and generating a lead. We want to maintain simplicity and keep the prospect focused on the form, this can be done by reducing the fields, designing the form to be a focal point of the viewport and implementing a clear section separator such as a different coloured background or an image. 

Property management lead generation 

One of the goals set by City and Country was that the team wanted to grow their rent roll and start pushing their property management side of their agency. We took a similar approach to the flow of content on the sellers lead generation page however with slightly different elements so the website visitor can easily differentiate from the two. Making sure your website visitors know that they are on the right page is an important step to generating quality leads. 

Some key differences between the two pages is that we wanted to take a more personalised route for the property management page as the relationships between property manager and the landlords are built on transparency, trust and communication. On this page, we have included a quote from one of the property managers expressing her team’s ability to adequately manage their property with the owners’ best interests in mind. 

Shortly following this section, we have added a ‘Meet our property management specialists’ section. This team member slider is exclusive to the property management team. 

This page then flows into the primary call to action which is a rental appraisal form. This form follows the same trend and guidelines from the sales appraisal form, keeping it simplistic and condensed to increase the chance of a conversion. 

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It’s time to start shifting your mindset and start thinking about how you can turn your website into a revenue generating asset for your real estate agency. Your website shouldn’t just sit there as a source of credibility for your brand, it should ultimately turn into one of your most valuable assets for your business. We often see one barrier to entry with investing in a custom website…the cost, but what we need to start weighing up is the cost of not investing in your digital shopfront. The real estate business is a competitive market, but your website can give your agency the competitive edge it needs to dominate and succeed in the industry. 

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