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Do real estate websites expire, and when should you upgrade?

Tune into this week’s video, where we discuss if real estate websites have expiry dates, and why it can be a vital tool for your agency’s growth. 

Here’s some topics we hit during this video: 

  • Your website is not a static postcard, it’s dynamic and should be updated regularly
  • Your website is not just for credibility, it can be a profitable vehicle driving a high return on investment if setup correctly 
  • Relevance is key, posting regular blog content is important
  • Measure key performance metrics of your website, more simply – does it generate leads?
  • Keeping up with trends, websites for forever changing
  • Your website is a central hub for your marketing activities

Unsure about what to do next with your website? 

As times evolve, so do the functional requirements, needs, and design approaches of your website. It’s essential to understand that your website is not a fixed snapshot but should be consistently refined, adjusted, and updated to stay current, effective in generating leads, and impactful.

Think of your website like a car. Just as you keep your car running smoothly with regular oil changes and maintenance, your website requires similar attention to prevent potential problems. And if you find your car no longer serves its purpose and can’t be fixed, it’s time to consider a replacement.

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