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We are proud to announce that Seek Business now fully integrates with Arosoftware.

This means you can now use Arosoftware to auto-upload your business listings directly to Seek Business.

This integration includes the addition of 40+ business specific fields to Arosoftware. Seek Business specific fields such as Seek Categories and Regions are now fed directly from the CRM.

This is the first time an integration like this has been made available to Arosoftware clients.

“This integration with Arosoftware and Seek Business is a game changer for our clients. Having a custom built API connection for business listings makes creating and editing listings that much easier”. – John Fell. Head of Arosoftware Sales

Seek Business is Australia’s largest online business marketplace.

At any one time, there are over 18,000 opportunities advertised on Seek Business, directly by business owners, business brokers, franchisors, licensors and distributors. These include ready-to-run small businesses, as well as established, successful, multi-national brands.

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