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Feature release: Upgraded send email interface

We’re excited to announce several updates to how emails are sent from the Aro CRM.

The refreshed send email process has a number of highlights such as:

  • A new more user friendly and familiar style email editor that opens to the right side of your screen.
  • Improved recipient selection process that allows emails to be sent to contacts not subscribed to receive bulk emails since a maximum of 5 total recipients applies. 
  • Link a related listing to your email and attach documents easily that have been uploaded to the listing.
  • Add Emojis to your emails to catch your recipient’s eye. 
  • Email Domain verification has been required for sending bulk email campaigns for almost a year and now applies to any emails sent on your behalf from Aro, we’ve made this change to improve your email deliverability and reduce inbox/spam rates.

These new features and updates aim to assist you in creating more efficient email management, streamline processes and increase productivity. With the added benefits of giving you greater control over your communications and approving deliverability rates. 

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