Have you registered your .au domain name yet?

The auDA launched .au domain names on March 24 this year giving Australian businesses the option to register “” instead of “”

There is a priority allocation process of 6 months (ends on the 20th of September) that reserves all .au domain names for the owners of an existing .au equivalents of that domain name.

This means that if you own “” you have until Sep 20 to register “” under the priority allocation process. Keep in mind that if another business owns one of the other existing .au equivalents such as “” they too qualify for the priority allocation process and would be able to register “”.

You can learn more about the priority allocation process on the auDA website.

We have answered some common questions below if you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.

I already own my domain, should I bother?

It’s completely up to you but we are certainly recommending that everyone register their .au domain whilst it is still available, it’s a small cost to ensure that the domain name is secured for your business.

How much does it cost?

The pricing is set by the company that you register the domain name through but most will be between $20 and $30 per year. You can register your .au domain name through Arosoftware for $25 per year.

Where do I register my .au domain

Through any Australian domain seller, click here to register your .au domain name through Arosoftware.

What happens after I register my .au domain name?

For most businesses it is just a matter of getting the domain name secured. If you already have a domain name you should redirect your new .au domain to the If you register your .au domain with Aro software we will take care of this for you, just let us know once the domain is registered.

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