Here’s 3 actions you can automate in 1 click of a button in Aro

Real estate is a game of who can build the best relationships at scale, if you’re not talking to homeowners and cultivating a relationship, you aren’t making money and that’s the reality. Now if that’s the recipe, how can we ensure you can build more quality relationships at scale so you can win more listings? 

That’s where a real estate CRM with automations comes in…automations allow you to completely automate your processes that you complete week in, week out. Now I know what you’re thinking, how do I identify what I can automate? 

Well, we’ve just made that a million times easier..with our new Instant Automation library, you can turn on an automation process with 1 click.

Here’s my favourite 3 automations you can automate with 1 click

  1. Price change listing alerts
  1. Follow up open home attendees and request feedback
  1. Automated buyer / tenant matching with alerts

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Automating basic tasks is just the tip of the iceberg with the Aro real estate CRM system.

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