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How to create UTM tracking URL’s for your real estate website

UTM codes let you track user activity on your website and attribute it to a campaign so that you can more accurately identify which campaigns are bringing in leads and ultimately producing positive ROI.

For more information on UTM tracking take a look at What is UTM tracking & should I be using it?.

How to generate a UTM URL?

We recommend using this free UTM URL builder to generate your URL. Just go through the fields and add your UTM values and copy the URL when you’re done. Here is a screen shot of some example UTM values;

I have generated my UTM URL, now what?

Once you have generated your URL you need to add it to a campaign that is driving traffic to your website. Here are some examples;

  • Paid social media listing campaigns. Any good ad tool like Lead Fleet amplify should do this automatically for you.
  • A QR code on your letter box drops.
  • A google PPC ad campaign
  • A link for a free appraisal in your email campaigns

How do I get the UTM code into the Aro CRM?

This is the easy bit… your Aro website will automatically detect the UTM tracking codes and parse them through to the software when the user that has visited your website completes a form on your website.

You can see the UTM codes under the “Tracking data” section of the lead in Arosoftware, here’s an example;

Need some help?

If you need help generating UTM URL’s or have questions about digital marketing and how you can get the most out of it in your real estate business feel free to reach out to our sister company Lead fleet.

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