Systemise your prospecting workflow to generate millions in GCI every year

Learn how high performing agents are systemising their prospecting workflow to generate millions in GCI year after year by leveraging key tools within their real estate CRM system. 

if you want to implement a bulletproof prospecting strategy for FREE in your agency to help you generate millions of dollars in GCI, then keep reading..

Ah yes, that infamous phrase that we and many other Australian-based real estate CRM companies have heard…

“I just use my CRM to bulk upload my listings to my website, REA & Domain”,

Now, If a doctor were to ask me “Where does it hurt”?

Without hesitation, I would swiftly reply with “everywhere, it hurts everywhere..”,

Now, maybe it’s all our fault that we have failed to educate you, our awesome real estate agents, that your CRM system can explode your “prospect to qualified listing opportunity” results,

I bet you’re thinking, “yeah righto this sounds like a gimmick I’m out…”,

Hold ya horses, 

I’m about to give you 13-page ebook with pretty pictures FOR FREE that will allow you to implement a systemised approach to prospecting utilising your CRM helping you generate millions of dollars in GCI…

And because we love our current and future clients (maybe that’s you 😉) 

We’ve even included a visualised prospecting workflow that you can literally implement today..

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