Having a great looking website is one thing but having a great website that you can access and update yourself with a simple process is even better. A  great website is a key to being the most successful real estate agent you can be, and having a competitive edge that an amazing website delivers will win you clients.

One of the most difficult parts of having a great website is that when you pay someone to build a great site, nine out of ten times the developers remain in full control of your website so they can rely on your ongoing requirements for income. A website where you can update your listings by yourself, or add new images to your gallery, add staff changes or add a blog post is something that can save you money and time into the future.

In the real estate business, your website needs to be updated often on a daily basis, so having to contact web developers to have simple updates performed can be an expensive cost. Being able to access your website and update it whenever you want makes sense, and if you want to lower your overheads, this is one of the best ways to do it.

When you need to add a new listing to your website or take one off when you make sales it needs to be a simple process, and if you have access to your website that even your junior staff can edit, your job becomes easier, and your website is as current as you need it to be to be competitive.

Even if you have a great looking website and you believe your content is competitive against other real estate agents, but if you don’t have a large amount of staff available to add new content regularly, having access to the back end of your own website is the perfect solution.

A real estate website template system that is made by real estate agents, for real estate agents is the best solution to your web design problems.

Our software allows you to update your listings with user-friendly layouts, saving you valuable resources and time for more important things. It allows you to track and develop online leads, receive instant analytics, and our drag and drop editor lets you personalise your site so you can easily add listings, pages, videos, photos and more.

There are no upfront costs and no ongoing costs for updates and edit, and you’ll receive unlimited customer support.

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