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Improve SEO and Convert Traffic With These 3 Web Pages

SEO is far from dead… but a lot has changed in the last 24 months.

With the rise of AI and computer generated content Google is looking for authentic, valuable content more than ever.

Enhancing your real estate website’s search rankings will not only enhance brand visibility but also draw increased local traffic to your site. The primary objective, after attracting visitors to your website, is to effectively convert them into valuable leads.

But how do you improve your SEO without forking out thousands on ongoing SEO fees?

Landing pages on your website play a significant role in both SEO rankings and conversion rates. Quality landing pages provide an improved experience for your visitors, increase their time on your site and reduce bounce rates. All of these are key factors in on-page SEO.

Put simply. Google loves quality content and experience.

Here are the 3 essential pages that are pivotal in driving your digital success;

1. Sell with us

This is the ideal landing page for prospective sellers that land on your website… for sales agencies it is the most important landing page on your website.

A well designed “Sell with us” landing page should be designed to convert visitors to leads whilst also showing your expertise in the market and prove to Google that you are an expert in your area.


Clearly demonstrate your points of difference and your experience in the local area. Keep your content on this page localised by including recent local sales and reviews as well as your sales team to keep the page personal and relatable.


The “Selling” landing page for the team @ Bridgebury Real Estate clearly shows the team’s experience and expertise. The visitor can browse local reviews and recent sales as well as request a property estimate.

Check it out here.

2. Manage with us

The “Manage With Us” page is crafted to target landlords seeking property management services. It is crucial to demonstrate why they should choose to trust you with their investment over your competitors.


Highlight the core values of your brand through the use of professional images that represent your agency and the areas you operate in. Having concise and informative text with clear calls to action will encourage potential leads to engage. 


The manage with us page for Stack & Co has strong headline text that clearly states what they offer their clients through their services. They use concise and informative text that gives visitors a strong sense of their core values of ‘attentiveness and commitment’, establishing trust and differentiating them from competitors. The switch to us button is an example of a clear call to action. 

Check out the full web page here. 

3. Suburb/area profiles 

Showcasing your knowledge of your target suburbs/areas is content gold for search engine rankings. It demonstrates to Google that you are an expert in your market and increases your chances of ranking well. 

Come up with useful information that showcases your knowledge and expertise in your target suburbs/areas. You can display statistics, amenities, and your recent sales. It is important to keep these pages up to date with the latest relevant information, using key words for Google to pick up on.


Each suburb profile page for Nick Johnston Real Estate provides the visitor with an overview of the suburb, key stats, appraisal buttons and recent sales for the team. 

Check it out

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