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Is your real estate website the leak to your online lead generation performance?

The marketing objective

Let’s be frank, you are probably investing tens of thousands of dollars every year on outbound marketing strategies such as letterbox drops, paid ads, boosting facebook posts or even billboards and buses.. 

But where are you directing this new obtained traffic that lands on your website from these efforts?

Ask yourself this;  What am I trying to accomplish with these outbound marketing activities?

Each outboundmarketing campaign must have either or two objectives..Generate leads, or raise Brand awareness. If it is to purely raise brand awareness, then directing traffic to your home page is acceptable. 

HOWEVER, if you are looking to get a ROI with your campaign and the objective is to generate leads and convert then your home page is the absolute wrong place to do this. I’m sorry if this comes to a shock to you…

It’s not quite that simple though…

I’ll be honest, there’s more to the story than just setting up a basic landing page, directing traffic to the new landing page and hey presto! LEADS. It doesn’t quite work like that, it takes strategic planning, analysing and tweaking to achieve the best possible results and achieve a return on your investment. 

If you want vendors to trust you with their home and in most cases their largest asset and actually follow through with either picking up the phone or filling out your form on your website it NEEDS to be compelling, professional and to the point or she will fall off and bounce. 

Fixing the leak…

Unfortunately, we are going to need more than flex tape for this one…

You are investing thousands of dollars into outbound marketing campaigns, so let’s analyse your website and see if there is a leak and how we can fix it to give your campaign the best possible results and outperform your competitors. 

Instead of this… 👎

Try this… 🤌

Let’s get your marketing campaigns converting like crazy

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