Launch social media listing ads from within Aro

We have joined forces with our sister company Lead Fleet to bring you social media listing ads right from within the Aro CRM. Launch paid advertisements on the facebook and instagram ad networks in less than 4 minutes.

🚨 Free ad management for all campaigns till July 31st

How amplify works

Pick your design & copy
Simply choose one of your listings and the Amplify system will automatically design your ad and write your copy or you can customise it.

Set a campaign duration & budget
Choose a campaign duration & budget that works for you.

Submit your ad!
Submit your ad & we’ll notify you once it’s running. Plus get a performance report to send to your vendors!

Design your ad & launch a campaign in minutes

We have built amplify just for launching real estate listing campaigns so you can launch a campaign in minutes without getting bogged down in the Meta ads manager.

Realtime, simple reporting for you and the vendor

Report data is fed back in from Meta in real time so you stay in the loop with the campaign performance. Easily download the report & share the results with the vendor.

How much does it cost

There are 3 campaign budgets to choose from;

  • 7 day campaign – $180
  • 14 day campaign – $360
  • 21 day campaign – $540

🚨 Free ad management for all campaigns till July 31st

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