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Our flagship email marketing software, built to assist your agency send powerful emails and achieve insane ROI’s.

We have worked hard over the last 12 months building an all new email campaigns system to innovate the way real estate agents and business brokers utilize email marketing. Communicating with your database is an important part of any marketing strategy to ensure your brand and offerings are getting maximum exposure and engagement. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to push your content and listings in front of your target market. 

Our email marketing software has been built to purpose for the industry featuring a simple but effective user experience. We understand that real estate agents and business brokers don’t have much time to learn new systems, that’s why we’ve spent hundreds of hours establishing a sound user experience to ensure an easy learning curve is achieved. 

Email is the most cost effective marketing strategy for your business

On our platform, you can purchase 10,000 email credits for $80. To put that into perspective, if your seller’s campaign to 10,000 contacts manages to secure you one $700,000 listing with a 2.5% commission, your ROI on your $80 just returned you 21775%. Now if that’s not an insane return on your investment, I don’t know what is… 

Stay with me here, I’m about to show you the ‘Can’t live without’ features of the new Email Campaigns.

100’s of predesigned layouts and templates 

It’s as convenient as it sounds, we’ve built 100’s of templates to get your campaigns launched.

Drag & drop email designer 

A drag & drop email marketing software built just for real estate agents and business brokers.

Smart listing campaigns

Easily send powerful new listing campaigns to your buyers in your database with a few clicks of a button all in one place

Seamless listing integration 

Add your listings to your campaign with just a few clicks 

Analyse engagement and performance

Featuring full campaign reports displaying performance, click rates, open rates, bounces and unsubscribes so you can track your strategy 

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Add the Aro real estate CRM to your agency’s toolbox and discover the benefits of a sales and marketing focussed CRM today. 

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