Leverage your real estate CRM to help your agency grow

As a real estate agency, your ultimate goal is to close more deals, increase your market share and grow your business. While there are many factors that can contribute to your success, there is one tool that can make a huge difference in your ability to close deals and grow your business: real estate CRM technology. 

Over the course of 17 years, we’ve been building sales and marketing tools to help agencies around Australia increase their profits and assist in generating consistent revenue by boosting productivity and market their business. Trust us when we say, your CRM can be leveraged in a way that actively helps grow your business by boosting productivity and marketing your agency.

“The Aro CRM has been strategically designed and built to help real estate agencies grow with key sales & marketing tools” 

– Aron Rubulis, CEO

How a real estate CRM can help your business grow

A real estate CRM (customer relationship management) system is a specialized software platform that helps you manage your client relationships, schedule appointments, and keep track of important tasks and market your business  – all in one place. By using a CRM, your agency can:

  • Close more deals: A CRM helps your agents stay top-of-mind with clients, so they can build stronger relationships and close deals effectively.
  • Email & SMS marketing: Remarket to your database with ease using key marketing tools built within the Aro CRM.

4 easy tips that you can implement today

But how exactly can a real estate agency like yours leverage this CRM technology to grow your agency? Here are 4 easy tips that you can implement today:

  1. Use your CRM to keep track of client interactions: By logging all client interactions, including phone calls, emails, and meetings, your agency can stay up-to-date on clients’ needs and preferences, and be better prepared to address their concerns and questions.
  1. Use your CRM to automate follow-up: A CRM can help automate the follow-up process, ensuring that your agents never forget to follow up with a client or miss an important deadline.
  1. Use your CRM to track the sales pipeline: A CRM can help you keep track of the sales pipeline, so you can see at a glance where each deal stands and what actions need to be taken next. 
  1. Use your CRM to remarket to your database by utilizing email & SMS marketing tools within the Aro CRM infrastructure. No more updating two separate lists and managing unsubscribes… 

Start using your CRM to help you grow your business

By using a real estate CRM, your agency can streamline interaction logging, stay organized, close more deals and market your business effectively with key marketing tools. By logging client interactions, your agents can access important information about their clients’ needs and preferences, and be better equipped to address any concerns or questions they may have. A CRM can also help automate the follow-up process and track the sales pipeline, allowing your agency to take timely and targeted actions to move deals forward and close more sales.

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