Masterclass - Email Campiagn Reports

Masterclass: Email Campaign Reports

Unlocking Email Marketing Success

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for reaching your current and prospective clients and understanding the metrics behind your email campaigns is essential. Our latest masterclass unravels the finer details of Email Campaign Reports.

Discover how to interpret metrics such as Clicked, Bounced, and Open rates, gaining insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. Uncover recipient activities, identifying engaged users and popular links, allowing you to refine your future communications and send targeted follow up campaigns.

Masterclass Chapters

  • Understanding your Email Campaign Report ( 0:45 )
    • Understanding the terminology and numbers presented in your email campaign report.
  • Key Metrics ( 1:27 )
    • View campaign metrics such as clicks, opens, bounces
  • Identifying Engaged Recipients ( 2:01 )
    • Monitor recipient activity to pin point hot prospects and well performing web pages.
  • Data Cleanup (3:06 )
    • Maintain your database for better delivery rates and credit usage.
  • Follow-Up Email Campaign Strategies ( 4:18 )
    • Send targeted follow up campaigns that factor in previous interactions. Sending followup email campaigns is easy and effective. So you can easily send an Open Home or Auction invitation reminder or announce an offer or a quick sale.

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