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Masterclass: Website SEO

Your inbox is smashed with unsolicited emails promising the world with their SEO services… But before you spend a cent with an unknown internet random.. Take a look at the Aro Website SEO masterclass, we help demystify the jargon and show you 3 steps you can take today to improve your Real estate websites SEO at no cost to yourself…

Understanding the jargon

The jargon around SEO can be confusing… 

What does SEO even mean? Search Engine Optmisation is providing the right key pieces of information in your website, so that the computer brains behind Google, Yahoo and even Bing can find and index your website pages and present them when people in your local area are searching for real estate services. 

What is Meta data? Site and page titles, descriptions and keywords are text elements that Google uses to help rank your website but more importantly it is marketing text for your business when Google displays search results. The Aro website manager makes it easy for you to update your site and page Meta data.

What is an image ALT tag? This is a text description of the photo or image that can be displayed if the image can’t be viewed or in accessibility mode for the vision impaired… Google loves these and they can be added to listing photos and images inserted via the website manager into your website pages.

Why should you optimise your website for SEO?

Most common answer we see is to get better rankings… this will help Increase traffic to your website, but this will also help to Improve your agency’s brand visibility and reputation in your local area, and ultimately increase your conversion rate. 

Does your website have the Right Stuff?

By stuff I mean, the information people are looking for… your real estate sale and rental listings are important but what about other things like your local area suburb and agent profiles, testimonials and reviews, and the services you offer.

The importance of your Google my business profile

It’s known that businesses with a complete Google business profile can get up to 7x more clicks than businesses without a completed profile, so adding your business information, photos and having Google reviews on your profile is a massive boost.

Why you need access to your Google Search console

Google search console allows your access to the pages Google has indexed on your website and helps you to improve and increase the pages Google has indexed through adding a website site map to your website and search console.

Learn more about how you can improve your websites SEO by watching the ARO Website SEO optimisation Masterclass

If you need help with your website SEO or setting up your Google business profile or search console… check out the digital basics service by leadfleet

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