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Mobile real estate CRM: 3 features an agent can’t live without in 2022

In an already competitive real estate market, it is vital to leverage any competitive advantage within your marketplace. Agents today need to be fast moving and always on the go looking for new opportunities to secure listings. 

But Matt… What competitive edge are you on about? 

Your real estate CRM right in your pocket, whenever wherever. 

A mobile real estate CRM gives you the ability to be, well.. Mobile. This means that you are able to manage your contacts, listings, Open homes and more right from your pocket enabling you to focus on building and nurturing your relationships with your prospects all while on the move with no time wasted, or forgotten missed opportunities.

Here’s 3 features that must be accessible in your mobile CRM


Open home management


If you’re wanting to gain a competitive advantage over your marketplace and start leading your own success, book a demo and see the power of the Aro CRM. 

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