Aro Software Update

New Contact Filtering

Finding your contacts in Arosoftware has just been made easier with our latest software update. No longer do you need to use a contact search form and revise it each time you want to make a change. Our new contact filter system allows you to make changes on the fly and dynamically see the results.

Quick access to your contacts

We have added a few quick access filters for each login.

My Contacts – Quickly filter by any contacts assigned to you

Favourites – You can now ‘favourite’ a contact in Aro. This filter will bring up just these contacts

All Contacts – Available to management users. Shows all the contacts in your entire database.

Customise your contact filters

You have complete control of your filters and can mix and match on any criteria you choose. Filter based on groups, created time, suburb and many more. 

And if there is a filter result you want to access regularly, simply save it and it will always be available to you.

Filter by Property Alert Settings

Use your Property Alert data to create filters for your contacts. 

Data such as property type, price and suburbs can be used in conjunction with standard contact information to create detailed custom filters.

Complete bulk actions on filter results

Our full range of bulk actions are available in the new contact filter area. 

Making bulk changes to your contacts has never been easier.

If you have any questions at all about the contact filter, please contact our support team.

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