New Feature – Commercial Conjunction Listing Support

We’ve added the option to assign conjunction agents to commercial listings.

Simply add the agents/agencies that you conjunct with into Aro and then assign them to a commercial listing and the Aro bulk uploader will handle the rest by uploading the conjunction details to the major commercial portals “” and “”.

Getting Started

Navigate to “Setup” -> “Commercial Conjunction Agencies” within Aro and add the agents/agencies that you conjunct with.

For more assistance please see the help article or contact support and our friendly team will help you out.


Q: How many conjunction agents/agencies can I add to one listing?
A: You can add up to a total of 4 agents on a commercial listing

Q: Why can’t I add a residential conjunction listing?
A: Only and support conjunction listing uploads however and do not.

Q: How do I get the REA or Domain ID for a conjunction agent
A: It is best to ask the agent for their portal ID’s.

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