Inspection registration available Now

New Feature: Register for inspection times

Contacts can now register their interest in attending upcoming inspection times via your website or you can easily register them within the Arosoftware CRM.

Registering via your website

Contacts can simply click the “Register” button on your website for an inspection time of their choosing. Once they complete the form, their registration is instantly added to your Arosoftware CRM and the listing consultants will be notified.

Registering via the Aro CRM

You can register a contact for an inspection time on their behalf. Simply open the inspection time, click “Add inspection” and complete the form.

Additional changes & improvements

  • Automatic QR code brochures: All inspection times have a QR code brochure available ready for you to print out and display at your inspection times.
  • Inspection follow up: Easily manage post-inspection follow-up with bulk actions such as sending emails or SMS*, adding notes, changing inspection status, update groups, and more.

Getting started

Learn how to start using the updated Inspection features in Arosoftware help center’s Inspections Overview article.

Help and support

Contact the Support Team if you have any questions.


Q. How will the new inspection registration impact my business, given that I only deal with commercial and business listings and do not conduct open homes?

A. The Register button will only appear on listings for residential sales and rentals on your website, and only if there is a scheduled inspection time.

Q. I’m on a website only subscription or have an external website, can I use the Arosoftware Inspection registration function

A. No, Inspection registration uses our propriety website architecture working with the Arosoftware CRM… Ask us about moving your Website or CRM to Arosoftware.

Q. What are my options if I choose not to utilise the inspection registration feature on my website?

A. The Register button will only be visible if Inspection times are added to listings. To request for the removal of the Register option from your website listings and open home pages, contact us by

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