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As a busy real estate agent, you want two things: to rise above your competition; and to work effectively with minimal effort and maximum efficiency. Aro Software is an innovative system that is designed to help you succeed; with creative services and client satisfaction guaranteed.

Aro Software will help you rise to the top in a tough property market; so if you’re asking yourself “is there a better way?” you’ve come to the right place. At Aro Software, we KNOW there is a better way.


Our History

Back in the 1980s, James Rubulis left a career as a professional tennis player and jumped into the property market. Within 12 months he had started his own business and over a 20 year career owned both Franchise and Independent agencies. In the mid 1990s, James started a new group and as the company grew, so did his turnover, staff numbers and the number agencies operating under the one banner, until they reached a point of 8 offices and around 150 staff.

Over the years, through his own observations and by talking with his team members, James realised there was a significant need for a more efficient system that would be of benefit to each operating business, and the property industry in general.

There were two software systems on the market, both of which were run by software developers – not real estate agents, so the struggles with trying to find a centralised system that everyone could work with were real, expensive and time consuming.

While they had great systematic ideas; the level of support they offered was solely based on technology, rather than the property industry itself. James recognised a need, and despite being a self-confessed technophobe, he grabbed the bull by the horns and ran with it.


Creating A Successful System

Once James realised the need for a system that was built FOR real estate agents, BY real estate agents, he knew the future was only just beginning. In-house, he found a software developer who could build a database for him. The developer’s suggestion – take it to the cloud.

At this point, James actually thought the guy was going a little crazy (this was back in the days of dial-up internet when clouds were simply those white things in the sky that occasionally bring rain)… until he explained how a cloud based system would work and why: accessing information from anywhere in the world; never losing our data if the computer shuts down on us; among other things.

And so the first cloud based Real Estate Software Program was born.

After a few more years of system updates and changes, including the introduction of Broadband and Smartphones, word about the software spread throughout the real estate industry and as demand grew, Aro Software was born.


Leading Technology Into The Future

The team at Aro Software are excited about the recent release of Aro 4.0, which is proof that you CAN always build on “perfection”.

Aro 4.0 is groundbreaking technology that leaves YOU in control of your own future. It has taken 4 years to develop, with thanks to valuable client feedback over the years; and 4.0 is built in a way that allows anyone to take the software system and make it their own. You can add your own colours and logo to the system, and select and set your own desired functions and features.

There is no need to have features you’ll never use. The programme is fully integrated and interchangeable so you decide what is going to be of most benefit to you and your clients. Add and remove features; and the best news – you only pay for what you need!

In essence, you are creating your own software using our system as your platform.

And of course, if you need assistance, the experienced team at Aro is available for training and support.


Arosoftware’s Promise To You

At Aro, our commitment is to provide real estate professionals with a world class software system that is easy to use, even for the technology novice; that can help businesses prosper well into the future; and help agencies embrace the benefits of cloud-based technology – reducing work hours and running costs, creating greater efficiency and delivering better client satisfaction.

We look forward to an exciting future and we welcome you on board with Aro Software.
~ James Rubulis, Founder & CEO

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