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Our top 5 favourite features from the recent Inspection & SMS upgrades

Our recent upgrades to Inspection and SMS marketing have brought about some exciting new features that have made their way to the top of our favourites list. Our development team has been hard at work to enhance the Aro CRM and make the inspection process and bulk SMS marketing more effective and user-friendly. The new look and feel of the CRM will help agents be more efficient and productive in their day-to-day work by streamlining processes and minimising distractions. These new features from these upgrades are sure to make your experience with the CRM even better.

SMS Campaigns

SMS campaigns has been completely reworked introducing a fresh user interface, smart segmentation, simple sender ID, scheduled sending and SMS campaign reports. 

Why should you use SMS marketing? 

SMS’s have a 90%-94% open rate in Australia, we strongly believe all agencies across Australia should be utilising this key marketing tool to target a list of qualified buyers to create engagement on new listing activity due. 

SMS Marketing Tip

Make your messages as personalised as possible by using first name merge fields & conversational style copy to ensure your messages are absorbed and make the prospect feel as if it’s been sent directly to them. 

Here’s an example: 

Read about the full release here

Top favourite features from the new SMS campaigns

Smart listing campaigns

Simply select one or more previous listings and the Aro CRM will automatically fetch all the contacts that are looking to purchase/rent those listings giving you a targeted list or contacts in seconds. 

Emoji support

The new SMS campaigns now has full emoji support allowing you to add a personal touch to your SMS making them more engaging. The ability to insert emojis directly into your messages can increase the likelihood of the message being read and acted upon, further enhancing the success of your SMS marketing efforts.


We’ve reworked the inspection process and user experience to help boost productivity and make it much simpler to follow up,complete bulk actions, store price feedback, start workflows and generate OFI reports all in one easy to navigate place. We have also released a new pre registration feature to allow your prospective buyers to register their interest to attend your upcoming inspection time.

Read the full release here

Top favourite features from the new Inspections

Inspection pre-registration

Your buyers will be able to pre-register their interest to attend your upcoming open home through your Arosoftware hosted website or you can manually pre register them through the CRM. Asking your prospective buyers to pre-register their interest will help create engagement in your upcoming open time and in turn assist in growing your list of attendees and qualified buyers. 

Pre-register through CRM

Bulk actions

Bulk actions on inspection entries make it easy for you to update multiple inspection entries at once. This will allow you to update their inspection status, send an email or SMS campaign, add a note, add to group, update their marketing preferences and delete the entries all at the same time. 

Live vendor report

The new inspections layout will now allow you to easily generate a live vendor report URL to send to the vendor to hook them into a live feed on how it is performing. The vendor will be able to view the overall interest, number of attendees and their names and the price feedback. Using this feature will help the vendor understand the inspection performance without the need to contact you that same day giving you time to contact each attendee to get a clearer picture of interest. 

How to get started

Already an Aro user? 

  • Inspections: Go to Listings: Inspections”
  • SMS Campaigns: Go to “Marketing: Campaigns: SMS”

Not an Aro user? 

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