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Podcast: How Dan and Kelly from Rowling & Co exploded their real estate business in just 3 years of operation

Listen time: 57 minutes

This week, we somehow managed to pull Dan Rowling away from his insanely successful agency,  Rowling and Co

We delved into his fascinating journey and the insights he shared about the real estate industry. Dan, who has always called the Sunshine Coast home, discussed his pathway into becoming a real estate agent and the driving factor behind pursuing a career in this field. 

We also explored the inspiration behind starting their own real estate agency and the challenges they faced in building the Rowling and Co brand. Dan highlighted the agency’s differentiation from competitors and the role of technology in achieving this.

Dan also shared the property technology and systems that have fueled the growth and scalability of their business. Their holistic marketing strategy has played a pivotal role in their agency’s growth, and Dan revealed some key insights in this regard explaining that it’s a combination mix. For those looking to start their own agency, Dan offered valuable advice on where to begin and shared his future plans and goals for adopting technology in their real estate agency. 

What an absolutely inspiring experience it was to sit around a table listening to Dan explain how they’ve managed to capitalise on both his and Kelly’s skillsets to build one of the most successful Sunshine Coast real estate brands. 

If you’re looking for some killer advice on how you can grow your agency then this is the podcast for you! 

Ps. We’ve just launched a custom website for the Rowling team

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