QR Code OFI Check In

The QR code OFI check in is an easy way for you to register people attending your open for inspections.

Arosoftware QR code OFI check in

Using a scannable QR code, your attendees will now be able to have a ‘zero contact’ registration process. You may have seen this type of thing when visiting a restaurant or local establishment.

How It Works

  • You provide a scannable code and attendees use their own phones to scan. This will then open a registration page on their phone, and they can enter their personal information.
  • These details are then automatically stored in Arosoftware as a new inspection, and can be viewed on the listing details page.
  • Notes about each inspection can then be added directly from the Aro mobile app, or from the Aro desktop application.

How to

  1. Generate your QR code brochure (see guide & video here) for the listing.
  2. Print the QR code brochure and add it to your open for inspection pack (you only need the one brochure for all inspections for that listing)
  3. Display the QR code brochure at your open homes and ask attendees to scan and register themselves.

It’s that simple!


Q. Do I need to print a QR code for every OFI time?

A. No, you only need one QR code brochure per listing. Aro will automatically check in the OFI attendee against the OFI that they are attending.

Q. Can I automate the QR code brochure generation?

A. Yes you can. Using the ‘Automation Engine’ module, we can create a workflow that will automatically generate this brochure when a listing is made available.

Q. Can I customise the brochure?

A. Yes, our team can create a custom brochure for you. Depending on the changes, there may be some custom development charges. Contact the Support Team for more details.

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