Real estate SEO

Make Google love your real estate website

Topping Google in the real estate field is no easy task. But it CAN be done. You just need a real estate SEO specialist.

There’s no point ranking first for ‘real estate’

The trick is to make sure you choose the right searches to rank in. There’s no point trying to rank for “real estate” or “for sale” or “rentals”. The competition for those searches is fierce. Check for yourself; they’re completely dominated by the big players.

What’s more, people who are searching for those words aren’t really ready to buy (or rent). E.g. people Googling “real estate” might be after information on how to get a job in real estate. People Googling “for sale” might be looking for a new car, for all you know.

For real estate SEO success, you need to be a lot more strategic than that…

You need to go where the buyers are

You want to rank no.1 when they’re actually ready to buy. And when what they want to buy is precisely what you’re selling. That’s what real estate SEO is all about.

We learn what people Google when they are ready to buy

At Aro, the first thing we do is a whole lot of research to identify ‘buying’ type keywords. The ones that suggest the searcher is towards the end of the buying cycle. They’re ready to spend. They want to spend. You stand a much better chance of converting these people.

Plus, there’s a critically important hidden bonus: People who are ready to buy tend to search for very specific things. I.e. They search for quite long and unusual phrases. “So what?”, you ask? Well, actually, this is the most important point of all…

Not many of your competitors will be trying to rank for these long and unusual phrases. Usually because those phrases aren’t relevant to what they’re trying to sell. They’re relevant to what you’re trying to sell. And even if those searches are relevant to your competitors, chances are, they’re not doing a very good job of optimizing for them anyway!

Translation? These long and unusual phrases are easier to rank for.

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