Seek Business feed, custom unit numbers and more software updates.

We are very excited to announce some recent additions to the Arosoftware platform.

We are continuously looking to improve our software, and these changes all come from your feedback.

New Portal Added – Seek Business

We are continuing our promise to support our business brokerage clients by adding business features to Arosoftware.

Arosoftware is happy to announce that there is now a dedicated feed to upload your listings to

With this dedicated feed, you can upload your listings and match the Seek Business specific fields, such as Seek Categories and regions.

Activating this feed is easy. Please contact and advise them you would like to use Arosoftware as your bulk uploader.

New Features in Add Listing Wizard

We have made it easier to add a new listing in Arosoftware, with updates to our Add a New Listing popup

We have made it easier to match existing properties and giving you more choice on what steps to take next.

Listing Details Update

A lot of feedback has lead to this change. You now have better control over what address information you use in your marketing.

Previously you could have the short address, full address or just the suburb.

You can now control how unit and street numbers are displayed, enter a custom unit/street number value or even hide the unit number altogether.

There are more exciting projects in the works, and we are very much looking forward to telling you about them very soon.

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