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Stand Out with Value: 3 Content Ideas to Nurture Your Database

Providing value to your database is an effective way to position yourself as an industry leader in your area, build relationships, and engage with prospects. 

Here are 3 content ideas to get you started engaging with your database in a new way that provides value and builds trust. 

Market Updates 

Market updates showcase your commitment to providing value beyond the transactional aspect of real estate. Your clients will appreciate receiving specific information focused on the local market, as it demonstrates your dedication and knowledge of the area in which you operate. 

Keeping your updates simple and straight to the point will assist in building your personal & agency brand.

Data points to include in your market updates:

  • Market Trends
    Highlight any major shifts or patterns you have recorded. You can discuss price changes, stock levels, market stability, and fluctuations in demand or supply. Offer insights into how these trends may affect the local real estate market.
  • Sales Data
    Provide data on recent sales, both average and median prices, and the number of transactions in various neighbourhoods or property types.
  • Interest Rates
    A hot topic these days. Discuss any updates or anticipated changes in mortgage rates. Explain how the current rates that quarter might impact affordability and purchasing power.
  • Neighbourhood Insights
    Share information about specific neighbourhoods that have experienced significant growth, upcoming developments, or other positive changes.
  • Local Events
    Highlight local events, amenities, and attractions that make the area desirable.

Sellers and Buyers Guides 

Tailoring sellers and buyers guides to give your database is a good way to provide value to your database and give them key information for their selling or buying journey. 

Information to include in your seller guide

  • How to prepare the property for sale
  • How to set the right price 
  • Marketing strategies and the benefits 
  • Negotiation and the closing process

Information to include in your buyers’ guide

  • Insight for understanding the buying process
  • Determining needs, preferences and managing expectations 
  • Financing options 
  • Home inspections and due diligence
  • Negotiation and closing process 

Mortgage and Finance Advice

Aspiring homeowners navigate not only the housing market but also the often complicated world of finance and mortgages. Shedding some light on that space can provide immense value to your prospects and clients. 

Information you could include: 

  • Provide guidance on navigating the mortgage market
    The mortgage market is diverse, with many different lenders and products being offered. You can guide your clients through the intricacies of obtaining a mortgage, offering insights into different loan types, interest rates, and repayment structures.
  • Educate on the impact of interest rates
    Educate clients on how RBA decisions affect mortgage rates, enabling them to make informed decisions about when to secure a mortgage.
  • Current government incentives and grants
    There are always a number of government incentives for first home buyers. Explain what the options are for your clients.
  • Local market knowledge
    Provide your database with insights into the economic factors and property trends specific to their desired location.
  • Collaboration with a mortgage broker
    You can shoutout your mortgage broker here if you have one!

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