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Strategic real estate web design – Why it’s essential for your agency’s growth

There’s more to a website than just ‘looking good’, especially when it comes to a real estate agency website. There are many factors contributing to a good lead-generating website, one of many of these factors is targeting vendors and landlords rather than buyers and renters which we see many agencies making this same mistake time and time again. Your website should serve your business in many different ways, one of which we focus on is growth for your real estate agency in the form of generating leads. Strategy plays a pivotal role when designing and building a lead-generating real estate website.  This is why a strategy-based design approach is an important concept to grasp when investing money and resources into your digital shop front in our ever-changing technological world. 

“Strategy is finding out what not to do”

– Steve Jobs

What do we know about real estate websites? 

We’ve been designing and building real estate websites for a long time (over 15 years, to be exact). In that time, we’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to real estate websites, and we’ve built over 2500 of them to date.

One thing we know for sure is that if you don’t put some thought and strategy into your website, it’s not going to perform, and if you’re linking your outbound marketing material back to your website you are gambling with your money hoping someone will convert. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen time and time again. A little planning can go a long way in making sure your website is a success.

You can checkout our portfolio to see our latest work.  

Your website is an asset to your agency

Your real estate website can be one of your biggest lead-generating assets in today’s ever-changing technological world. It changes the way people think, feel and perceive your brand, you wouldn’t go to an open home dressed in thongs and board shorts, the same goes for your website. 

When we begin profiling and assessing our client’s needs, lead generation is the first goal when we begin strategic planning for a new website design. We live and breathe what we preach. If you are investing in designing and building a website, it must work for you by generating your business revenue. 

When our goals and objectives are aligned with our clients, that is when we see the biggest results in creating a stunning lead-generating website by strategizing our process. 

Kick the line, ‘“my website is just for credibility”

We have heard this countless times, but what if I told you that your website can assist in generating your agency revenue? I bet that would shift your paradigm and get you critically thinking about your website, wouldn’t it? When I say that your website can generate revenue off the back of generating leads, I mean it. 

The reality is, If you don’t adopt the idea that your website can be used as a revenue-generating tool, you will be stunting your agency’s profits and growth. 

It’s time to start taking action and begin to implement a strategy behind your website, start to think about why you have a website, what is it used for, how can you begin generating revenue from your website and what steps can you take to better improve the use of your website. 

Interested in learning more about what a high-converting real estate website looks like? 

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